Holiday Gift Guide

November 22, 2010

1. Balance Me Aromatherapy Bath Products

All-natural, completely non-toxic line of aromatherapy bath products that work. The company makes shower gel, creams, lotions, hair products, balms, and oils. They package gifts beautifully. Great buy!!

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2. Wewood Watch

These watches are made completely out of wood and are 100% chemical free. A healthy, cool looking watch, that is a great gift for men and women alike!

3. Tom’s Shoes

Incredibly, comfortable shoes that are for a good cause. For every pair that you buy, Tom’s donates a pair to an underprivileged child in Africa. These are my favorite shoes- I wear my Tom’s every single day.

4. EcoSnugly Slipper Boots

Comfortable and stylish eco-friendly boots that are great for both inside the house and out!

5. Hello Rewind

Turn your favorite old t-shirt into a laptop sleeve that you will love!!

6. Organic Flannel Pajamas

Coyuchi makes incredibly comfortable organic flannel sheets- now you can wrap yourself and/or your significant other in the same warmth with a pair of organic flannel pajamas! Well-made and long lasting- a truly great gift!

7. Eco Hair Dryer

A low EMF hair dryer that is good for both you and the environment! Dries hair just as quickly thanks to negative ion technology, but still gives off significantly less radiation. A great buy!

8. Organic Fireside Cotton Throw

Who doesn’t love an especially warm blanket to snuggle up with in front of the television? You can feel better about your own health and that of the planet’s when you wrap yourself up in this organic cotton blanket.

9. Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System

The top of the line when it comes to Sound Therapy machines; this one is equipped with an alarm and can also be used as a radio. The sounds are incredibly real, varied, and soothing. My boyfriend and I have ours running every night- we sleep to the sound of waves lapping against the shore; my brother and sister also have one. If you know someone who lives in a city and isn’t sleeping well, this machine could be the answer.

10. Skin Actives Gift Certificate

This is the home of customized, all-natural, non-toxic skin care. If you know someone who is having skin issues or just plain interested in skin care- this is the gift for them. They can choose from hundreds of antioxidants, plant extracts, etc to build their own washes, scrubs, serums and lotions. An incredible deal and a thoughtful gift!

11. Rising Tide Fair Trade Bags

Great looking bags for all occasions made by women in India! Weekender bags, beach totes, etc.

12. BTC Morning, Noon, and Night Tee

An incredibly versatile red (festive) long sleeve organic tee that can be worn day or night.

13. Tata Harper Products

For that someone in your life who is incredibly worried about wrinkles and aging, this skin care line by Tata Harper is the ultimate in organic, non-toxic anti-aging skin care. Mentioned and reviewed in all the top magazines- it lives up to the hype- my boyfriend Will and I couldn’t believe the difference in our skin!

14. H. Gillerman Organics Remedies

These essential oil remedies really work! My boyfriend Will and I are huge fans of the sinus remedy and the True Relaxation Muscle Remedy. Pick out the remedies that suit the person for whom you are getting the gift- trust me, they will be truly appreciative!

Small Gifts

1. Widu Purse Brushes

Beautifully crafted Italian brushes that are free of synthetic materials. They come with a small twill bag to keep them clean in your purse. A thoughtful, small gift for someone you care about!

2. Red Flower Candles

Incredibly beautiful non-toxic candles that smell delightful!

3. Teko Socks

Socks made of organic wool or polyester. The company uses a chlorine-free bleaching process (chlorine bleaching creates toxins galore) and is dedicated to using the most sustainable practices available. Plus, these socks feel great and last forever! Great for athletes and non-athletes alike!

4. Garden In A Pail

Grow anything from tomatoes to flowers in a pail. The pail comes with pre-planted seeds- all you have to do is provide water and sunlight!

5. Thinksport Insulated Water Bottles

Vacuum sealed stainless steel water bottle that will keep liquid hot or cold for hours. There is even an internal removable mesh filter to stop you from consuming ice or tea leaves while drinking. A great, completely non-toxic choice.

6. No More Dirty Looks

Give a teen or woman in your life the gift of knowledge. The book by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt covers the history of the beauty industry, the toxins in everyday cosmetics, and details the fabulously safe alternatives.

Gifts for Children

1. Eco- Dough

A beautiful play dough made out of completely natural, non toxic ingredients and dyes from spinach, beets, and carrots.

2. Eco- Paint

Powdered paint made with flour, cornstarch, seaweed, and natural organic fruit and vegetable extracts. Completely non-toxic. Works beautifully.

3. My Daddy is a Pretzel

A book about yoga for little ones. Introduces several postures, complete with colorful illustrations.

4. Silk Fairy Wings for Girls

Beautiful fairy wings for girls who love to play dress up. Sarah’s silks produces wonderful dress up clothes for little ones- my three year old sister is a huge fan!

5. Junior Rhythm Pack from Jamtown

A wonderful music set complete with drum, book, gourd shake, learn along CD, carrying tote, and activity cards.

Eco-Friendly Wrapping

1. Living Ethos Gift Wrap

Beautiful gift wrap bags that can be used over and over again. Eliminate paper this Christmas! Save money!

2. Chewing the Cud Reusable Gift Wrap

Beautiful reusable gift wrap made out of 100% organic cotton with soy based inks. It is machine washable and wraps beautifully…will last for years! As much of a present as the present itself!

Eco-Friendly Cards and Gift Tags

1. Smock Paper

Absolutely beautiful cards and tags made out of luxury bamboo paper with vegetable-based inks. The cards and tags are original, creative, and beautifully made.


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